Wood Furniture Guide

All About Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Furniture made from oak, cherry, pine and walnut are only few of the very popular types of wooden furniture that are often seen in luxury residences. But there's this one type of wood that raises eyebrows of many along with its huge range of applications, known as reclaimed wood.


Basically, reclaimed wood is a procedure to which the lumber is acquired by way of turning used lumber from old homes, wine barrels, furniture, warehouses as well as barns in reusable wood. Also, there are several things that need to be factored in when planning to buy reclaimed wood furniture and these are:


1. Among the biggest reasons to why you must opt for reused wood in making furniture is the fact that it offers rustic and one of a kind look. Rustic themes are immensely popular today and reused lumber along with its worn out looks, shaded colors and subtle imperfects offer what is intended. Check it out!


2. Reused lumber that was cut down from trees of the past grew when external factors including pollution and even toxicity didn't affect the strength of the wood. Hence, it has made reclaimed wood to be extra durable and strong.


3. For the past several years, reused woods exposed to different temperature as well as humidity but still, it stays strong. As a result, you can count on it that it won't be damaged easily due to expansion and contractions.


4. Owing to the wood's age and authenticity, reused wood is no doubt a concern for many when it comes to cost. You can purchase reclaimed wood furniture for low price and certain to get high returns from it. The truth is, buying older woods, makes bigger returns.


While you are currently in the process of purchasing reclaimed wood furniture, here are several tips that you must be mindful about.


Tip number 1. It's considered useless to purchase reclaimed wood furniture at this site if it can't provide you with decent returns. So to be sure that you will get the most from it, you have to request the vendor if they could give certification of authenticity.


Tip number 2. If you have the materials already and just need help for the carpentry, simply ask if the vendor is willing to help you out. Ask as well if they take custom orders.


Tip number 3. It is common for reused wood to have damages or holes. But this needs to be sealed and when doing so, see to it that you are only using quality epoxies otherwise, it is going to compromise its properties in the long run.